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The obvious benefit of a session of reflexology with Marianne of Cheeky Feet, is an hour of complete and utter relaxation. The hidden benefit though, is an opportunity to identify imbalances in your body which may lead to illness. The “sensitive points” might relate to your digestive tract, or a problem with your thyroid gland. I highly recommend a session of reflexology with Marianne.  Sofia


I have found Marianne to be very thorough in the way she works. The treatments were very relaxing to say the least and I believe they help me to sleep better. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.  K.G.

Prior to seeing Marianne I was suffering badly with tension in my neck and shoulders to the point that I was not sleeping and it was affecting my everyday life.

The evening after the first treatment I felt very relaxed and did notice a difference in quality of sleep.

I carried on with the weekly sessions and my neck and shoulders improved as each week passed.

Now after completing the course I feel fantastic. My neck and shoulders are completely relaxed, pain free and are no longer causing me problems. I am sleeping much better and I feel I am coping better with life’s stresses.  Robert M.


My experience with reflexology has been very good. Marianne has made me feel very comfortable, a good suitable place for relaxation. The treatment has helped me to eliminate my stress. I am sure I will repeat this experience with Marianne.  Laura P.






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